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Frequent questions (FAQ)
Mexico Car Rental offers unbeatable prices with the widest destination coverage in Mexico. We make strategic affiliations to offer our clients a complete network of services to the best possible price. Something that no other rental car agency can offer you.
That´s right! We do not substract the service charge to our rates, we know they are important for you, specially for those that are directly related to safety. Apart from including taxes you can have the tranquility of also having all insurances.
The requirements to rent a car are simple, but important: you must be 25 years old, have a valid driver´s license an official ID (voting card or passport and have a personalized credit card with available balance.
Of course you can! Just make sure it´s in force.
If you are not 25 but, you are older than 21, it is possible to rent a car without a problem. All you need to do is pay a requiered fee for the additional risk insurance, which is approximatly $10 US dollars per day.
There is an option where a relative or acquaintance can provide the credit card for the safety temporary block. In the same way the driver can be another person, but it is important to have a diver´s license and the minimum age. For further information call our Call Center.
Yes it is possible, but consider that this has an additional cost that is quoted according to the distance of the rent location and the dropoff location.
Our rates include UNLIMITED MILEAGE! If the car is picked up in the day and hour agreed enjoy the freedom of traveling all you need without paying a cent.
The service requieres a safety amount that is temporarily blocked from your credit card, while using the vehicle. That is how we protect the lease agreement against possible fail to comply with the conditions. This is a very important requirement and it can be covered credit card of a companion.
The blocked amount could vary depending on the car´s model. It is advisable to have a minimun balance in the credit card ($15,000 pesos Mexican currency) or its equivalent in dollars. The amount will be unblocked once the car is returned. We have options available to reduce the amount to block, either trough our program Cliente Plus or by acquiring an additional insurance called Cero Deducible.For further information call our call center.

All inclusive rates

  • Collision Damage Waiver
  • Theft Protection
  • Third Party Insurance
  • Medical Expenses in Case of an Accident
  • Additional Drivers
  • Legal Assistance in Case of an Accident
  • Airport Taxes
  • Federal Taxes
  • Local Taxes
  • Unlimited Mileage!

Why rent a car with us in Tlaxcala?

We guarantee the best price on your car rental in Mexico.

With us, you will pay only what you see in our website, not a penny more.

All-inclusive car rentals, (unlimited mileage, all insurances & Mexican taxes)

TWe have a presence in over 70 cities of the Republic of Mexico. Rent a car with us for business or leisure.

We welcome all major credit cards: Visa, Master Card and American Express.

Company registered at SECTUR to provide trust and security.

Mexico Car Rental Group - Rental Cars in Tlaxcala

Mexico Car Rental alongside a group of associates around the country has the promise of offering the best rates in the rental car services market. We don’t trick anyone! Avoid unwanted surprises; avoid irrational hot deals from other rental car companies or falling into misleading marketing advertisement

The only experience Mexico Car Rental Will provide is the experience of a wonderful vacation or an amazing business trip. We have thousands of satisfied clients whom have rented vehicles with us and have recommended our services, we offer cars, minivans and vans for rental in over 70 cities around Mexico. Remember, we are the first low-cost car rental company in Mexico with the lowest all inclusive rates.

Advantages of rental car in Tlaxcala

This colorful city is located in central Mexico, one of the most luxurious carnivals takes places here, : The Tlaxcala Carnival between Huehues & Catrines. It is great if you want to know about the culture of the Tlaxcala people, there are dancers, parades, disguises with bright color capes etc.

Tlaxcala is ideal to visit any day of the year, it offers a very generous weather. Commence walking down the street and visit an artistic museum called " Live Arts and Popular Traditions", among the pieces it exhibits, there is a one ton bell made of tin and bronze, or a kid sculpted in ayucauhite wood, with movable arms and glass eyes, artifacts to do the traditional alcoholic beverage Pulque.

See the Memory Museum, built at the end of the XVI century, Franciscan brotherhood of the Santa Cruz of Jerusalem, this museum tells the story and transformation of Tlaxcala through time, the museum has five rooms, the Natural Republic, The devotions, the Material World, The diaspora, which will summarize, related topics with the first settlers and the conquist.

Got carvings for the local cuisine? Tlaxcala gastronomy is enriched with Spanish ingredients, which gave traditional food a pre-Hispanic twist of aroma, color and flavor. Taste lenguita, nopales, or maguey egg salad or chickpeas; a delicious Tlaxcaltecan soup made from ground beans and fried tortilla.

Car Rental Locations in Tlaxcala

Renta un auto en Mexico Car Rental
Rent a car in Tlaxcala for your next business or pleasure trip with all insurance and taxes included.
Every year thousands of people choose to rent a car with Mexico Car Rental for its economical all-inclusive rates.
Hundreds of customers rate us with 5 stars by providing personalized attention 365 days a year.
Our car rental service in Tlaxcala starts at 245 MXN and includes all the necessary insurances so you can take the vehicle and start your trip.